Aluminium PCB


MA Electronics manufacture highly effective thermal dissipation Aluminum Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for widely used in LED Lights, Power equipment, Automotive Systems, Electronics Products, etc, etc. Aluminum Printed Circuit Board is most commonly used in Metal Core PCB of which the base material is aluminum core with standard FR4. The thermal aluminum thin layer dissipates heat efficiently. It cools components and increase the performance of the product. They are widely used in LED lights, Power Equipment, Automotive Systems, etc, etc. Aluminum PCB thermal transfer exponentially more efficient than conventional rigid PCB. It will lower the operating temperature and are able to support to reduce the board size of the printed circuit board. Besides having the ability to reduce the board size, it also has the ability to increase the power density. It is able to work towards extending the life span of the PCB as well as having cost saving of the product.