LST TIP 360 (6.0W/m-K)


LISAT LST-TIP-360 is a material that has good and high thermal conductivity of 6.0 W/m-K made from Silica Gel Film. With excellent heat conduction and soft silicone heat-conducting, the material has a stable insulation performance characteristics of soft and elastic. It has a good contact between the heating device and heat radiating member, effectively improving the heat transfer speed. Commonly used between Semiconductor and Radiating Fin, LED lighting and LED equipment.


✓ Good & High Thermal Conductivity - 6.0 W/m-k

✓ Silicone-Free Formulation

✓ Low Hardness

✓ Low Thermal Resistance

✓ Excellent Performance of Heat Dissipation

✓ Wide Thickness Range

Typical Application

@ Between Semiconductor and Radiating Fin

@ Communication Product

@ Large Power Supply

@ LED Lighting and LED Equipment

@ LCD Display of Household Appliances

@ Consumer Electronics

@ Multimedia Products


Note : Below technical data and information should be thought as typical or representative only and should not be use for specification purpose.