LST TIP 321 (2.0W/m-K)


LISAT LST-TIP-321 is a 2W Silicon Free Thermal Interface Material (TIM) effective for uneven surface and silicone sensitive applications. LST-TIP-321 has a reinforcement which added durability to the product and allow easy handling of parts during assembly work. The product is available with a protective liner with reduced tack on one side allowing for assembly process and easy rework. Having good thermal conductivity and non silicone with relatively low pressure, it can achieve low interfacial thermal resistance and effectively remove air to achieve good fill effects.


✓ Good Thermal Conductivity

✓ Silicone-Free Formulation

✓ Medium Hardness

✓ Low Thermal Resistance

✓ Excellent Performance of Heat Dissipation

✓ Wide Thickness Range

Typical Application

@ Storage Devices

@ Communication Product

@ IT and Network Product

@ LED Lighting and Equipment

@ Consumer Electronics

@ Silicon Sensitive Applications Equipment


Note : Below technical data and information should be thought as typical or representative only and should not be use for specification purpose.