LST-TIP-213 is silicone free thermally conductive material with excellent performance and even long-time exposure to high temperature working condition. The material has good softness and interface wetting property. It will allow user to achieve a low interface thermal impedance at low pressure. It is an excellent thermal solution for silicone sensitive application. LST-TIP-213 has a reinforcement which add durability to the product for easy handling of part during assembly work at the production area.


✓ Silicone-free formulation

✓ No silicone outgassing

✓ Good thermal conductivity

✓ Soft and good surface wetting properties

✓ Elasticity for reliable long term work

✓ Excellent perform of heat dissipation

✓ Wide thickness range

Typical Application

@ Telecommunication equipment

@ Thermal management solution

@ Automotive electronics cooling solution

@ Multimedia products

@ Switch-mode power supply

@ LED heat management solution

@ Security equipment