LST TIP 209 (1.0W/m-K)


LISAT LST-TIP-209 has a electrically isolating feature that allow it to be use in application that require isolation between heat sinks and high voltage or bare leaded devices. This material has a low elasticity nature that will give excellent low stress vibration damping and shock absorbing characteristics.  With a high compression rate, it is applicable for design that require a minimum amount of pressure on components.


✓ High thermal conductivity of 1.0 W/m-K

✓ Low thermal impedance

✓ Good electrical insulation

✓ Soft and good surface wetting properties

✓ Elasticity for reliable long term work

✓ Highly conformable and low hardness

✓ Good for low stress application

✓ Wide thickness range

Typical Application

@ Telecommunication & Network device thermal management solution

@ Automotive electronics cooling solution

@ Display equipment cooling application

@ CPU, GPU, VGA high power chips

@ LED heat management solution

@ Multimedia products

@ Power conversion


Note : Below technical data and information should be thought as typical or representative only and should not be use for specification purpose.