LST TIP 203 (3.0W/m-K)


LISAT LST-TIP-203 is another thermally conductive, electrically insulating and un-reinforced gap filling product. It allows user ease of handling and converting of the product without reinforcement. The LST-TIP-203 series has properties that allow for good wetting of surface and interfacing characteristics to surface with roughness. The material is supplied with low tack on one side thus allowing user to have ease of rework.


✓ High thermal conductivity of 3.0 W/m-K

✓ Low thermal impedance

✓ Good electrical insulation

✓ Soft and good surface wetting properties

✓ Elasticity for reliable long term work

✓ Electrically isolating

✓ Wide thickness range

Typical Application

@ Telecommunication

@ Multimedia Product

@ CPU, GPU, VGA high power chips

@ Automotive electronics cooling solution

@ LED heat management solution

@ Solar Panel heat management solution


Note : Below technical data and information should be thought as typical or representative only and should not be use for specification purpose.