LST TIN 523 (1.0W/m-K)


LISAT LST-TIN-523 is another material in the thermally conductive insulation family. It is desgined for a range of applications requiring high thermal performance and electrical isolation components. These applications typically have low mounting pressure. The LST-TIN-532 uses a tailored polymide film carrier. It combines a smooth and highly compliant surface characteristic with high thermal conductivity. These features optimize the thermal resistance properties at relative low pressure.


✓ LTI* : 0.000310 K-m2/W (@50 psi)

✓ High Dielectric Performance

✓ Low Mounting Pressure

✓ Smooth and highly compliant surfaces

✓ UL 94V-0 Compliant

✓ Environment Friendly

✓ General Purpose Thermal Interface Material

* = Low Thermal Impedance

Typical Application

@ Automotive electronics

@ UPS Unit Switch-mode Power Supply

@ Motor Controls

@ Amplifier Component Heat Disspation

@ Power semiconductors

@ Metal Heat Sink or Spreader

@ Applications with High Heat Generated

@ Applications required Insulation


Note : Below technical data and information should be thought as typical or representative only and should not be use for specification purpose.