Shielding Paint


LISAT LST-ESP-100 is a EMI coating paint that can be used to shield Electro Magnetic Interference. It can provide EMI shielding efficiency from 30dB to 50dB (99.9% to 99.999%) for the frequency range from 15MHz to 20GHz and wide. This coating paint can be easily applied onto the internal and external surfaces of articles for protection of Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). Example of Application include Electrical, Electronics, IT Products, Medical Devices, Telecommunication Systems, Aerospace, Avoinics and Electric Trains.


✓ EMI shielding effectiveness of 0 - 50 dB

✓ Wide frequency range from 15M to 20GHz

✓ Easy to apply and coat on to the surface

✓ Non Environment Hazard under GHS

✓ Ready to use right out of the bottle

Typical Application

@ Automotive and Electric Train

@ Computer and Peripherals Product

@ Telecommunications & Multimedia Product

@ Suitable for Home & Industry Product

@ Suitable for Non-Metal Product