Metal Finger Stock is applicable to the existence of EMI / RFI or ESD of a wide range of electronics devices. Most of this products are made from beryllium copper, bronze, stainless steel materials. Metal Finger Stock do not burn. From the rays, ultraviolet light or ozone impact, it  can resolve other cushioning materials which are not able to horizontally slide the contact matter.  Metal Finger Stock in a variety of environments or applications is able to work well with various coating options and many other contact options.


✓ Excellent Elastic Recovery

✓ Suitable for Larger Gap Fill

✓ Low Compression Force

✓ Able to Bear Bi-directional Compression

✓ Easy to Install and Ease to Plating and Welding

✓ Persistent Fatigue Resistance

✓ Excellent Conductivity & Ultra-Low Permeability

✓ A Wide Range of Temperature Change Adaptation

✓ Incombustible Material & Corrosion Resistant


Typical Application

@ Suitable for Shielded Room, Door, Cabinet Door, Cover, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) & Integrated Circuit (IC) Shielding

@ Can be used in many Applications which shielding material needs sliding friction and can be installed on top or side of the shield

@ Applications various from Small Handheld Devices to Large Shielding Room