Foam Over Fabric


Fabric-Over-Foam (FOF) is a liner material with conductivity and shielding effect. The inner product is a amino acid acetate or thermoplastic rubber material. The outer layer is a metallized fabric. Double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive used to install the two materials into one product. By choosing the appropriate coating fabric, you can ensure that a wide range of electrochemical compatibility between the substrate. With a good design, we can provide customer the best option for assembly.


✓ Excellent Elastic Recovery

✓ Suitable to Fill Larger Gap

✓ Low Compression Force

✓ Able to Bear Bi-directional Compression

✓ Easy to Install, Easy to plating and Welding

✓ Persistent Fatigue Resistance

✓ Excellent conductivity and Ultra-low Permeability

✓ Wide Range of Temperature Change Adaptation

✓ Incombustible material and Corrosion-Resistant

Typical Application

@ For Low Compression Force Consumer Electronics

@ Suitable for 100KHz to 1GHz Product

@ Can Work in Wide Temperature ( -35°C to 75°C )

@ Can be Applied From Small Handheld Devices to Large Shielding Room

@ Effective for Low Surface Resistance Less Than 0.05 Ω/square