Conductive Elastomer


Conductive Elastomer is ideal for shielding effectiveness. These products are applicable to a variety of applications. It can be used either as an EMI shielding or can be used for environment sealing with particular it provide an enhanced features corrosion resistant and flame retardant products. The use of our proprietary conductive filler, professional control of conductive particle composition, size and structure, its precise resin adhesive evenly distributed, so as to achieve stability in the same electrical and physical properties.


✓ Excellent Shielding Effectiveness

✓ Suitable for Corrosion Resistant Products

✓ Suitable for Flame Retardant Products

✓ Easy to Install

✓ A Wide Range of Shapes and Sizes

✓ Easy to Install and Ease to Plating

✓ Off the Shelf or Customization Product

Typical Application

@ Suitable for Shielded Room, Door, Cabinet Door, Cover, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) & Integrated Circuit (IC) Shielding

@ Can be used in many Applications which shielding material needs sliding friction and can be installed on top or side of the shield

@ Applications various from Small Handheld Devices to Large Shielding Room