Electronica 2016

Posted on: Wednesday February 22, 2017

LISAT, together with its Asia partner, MA Electronics Pte Ltd, took part at Electronica Munich 2016, a world leading international trade fair for the electronics industry. It was held from 8th-Nov-2016 to 11th-Nov-2016. The location was at Messe Muenchen Trade-Fair Centre, KreillerstraBe 200, Munchen, Germany

Exhibits on display will be Automotive, Displays, Electromechanics/System periphery, Electronic Design (ED/EDA), Embedded systems, EMS Electronic manufacturing services, Micro- and nanosystems, Passive components, PCBs and other circuits carriers, Power supplies, Semiconductors, Sensors, Services, System components, Test and measurement and Wireless.

It is the industry’s most important gathering. It is where the future begins. It is where impetus for innovations takes shape quickly and reliably. The pioneering spirit firmly bonds today with the world of tomorrow in a special way.

LISAT, a leading manufacturer of Thermal Interface Material (TIM) and EMI material, displayed many products at the show. The materials ranged from 1W/m-K to 7W/m-K were on display. Material thickness ranging from 0.25mm to 15.00mm will also be put on display. Many Graphite and EMI materials were also on display.

EMI Shielding Paint (ESP), a new product by LISAT, was introduced at the show. It is a chemical coating paint that can be used to shield Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). It has an EMI shielding efficiency range from 15MHz to 20GHz and wide. This coating paint can be easily applied onto the internal and external surfaces of articles for protection of EMI. Typical application include Electrical, Electronics, IT Products, Medical Devices, Telecommunication Systems, Aerospace, Avionics and Electric Trains.

A substantial amount of enquiries were generated at the show with good potentials for new programs.


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